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Mobile Apps should be available to everyone, for this reason, we have devised a way to make this a possibility. With a quick turn around, you can have a fully featured app for a fraction of the price. Improve your customer retention rates, send push notifications to communicate effectively with potential and existing customers, and open up your business to a new way of marketing.

Small Business Apps - VOiD Applications
Professional Service Application - Small Business Apps - VOiD Applications

Apps for Professional Services

Need a way to reach out to your customers and boost your presence in the digital domain? A mobile app can do just that. Choose from an array of features, such as eCommerce Selling, Loyalty Programs, Directory Listings, the list literally goes on. Use Push Notifications to garner interest and improve your retention rates. Add value to your service, and in doing so keep your customers in the know and coming back.

Schools/Education Application - Small Business Apps - VOiD Applications

Apps for Schools and Education

As an education entity, technology should always be at the forefront of your minds, it can dictate how students learn, keep parents in the know, and reduce carbon footprint as well as cost by being able to send out digital communication straight to individuals smart devices.

Restaurants Application - Small Business Apps - VOiD Applications

Apps for Restaurants

Allow restaurant customers to place food orders directly
inside the mobile app or mobile website. Tailored specifically towards your branding, a mobile app is a way to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Health and Fitness Application - Small Business Apps - VOiD Applications

Apps for Health & Fitness

With the event feature, you can easily allow clients to register and attend your sessions. With the messaging system encourage members to interact and socialise with each other.

Property Application - Small Business Apps - VOiD Applications

Property Directory App

With a mortgage calculator, you can present to your customers the monthly payments with a preset interest rate. You can also have a comprehensive listing of the properties you currently have and allow customers to book directly on the app.

Golf Club Application - Small Business Apps - VOiD Applications

Golf Course App

With the golf course feature, you can build your golf course
range and allow users to score their games right in the app, reducing the need for paper-based score cards all whilst helping the environment.


2,000,000,000 People worldwide own a smartphone, and counting!
People worldwide own a smartphone,and counting!
2/3 Adults use a smartphone.
Adults use a smartphone.
2.8 Hours, a day, is the average time a user spends on their smartphone.
Hours, a day, is the average time a user spends on their smartphone.


Small Business Apps - VOiD Applications
Generate Revenue
Small Business Apps - VOiD Applications
Support and Engagement
Small Business Apps - VOiD Applications


eCommerce Selling

Small Business Apps eCommerce Selling - VOiD Applications

Do you have a shop and want your customers to be able to buy from you on the move? By having an e-commerce app you can do this, partnered with push notifications you can help propel your sales.

Food Ordering

Food Ordering - VOiD Applications

Are you a restaurant trying to stand out from the competition? With our food ordering app, you can have a fully branded app which allows your customers to order food from you with ease.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications - VOiD Applications

Implement push notifications into your marketing strategy to communicate effectively and quickly with potential and existing customers.


Small Business Apps Booking Applications - VOiD Applications

Running an event? Use a mobile application to allow your potential customers to book onto the event quickly and easily.

Loyalty Programs

Small Business Apps Loyalty Programs - VOiD Applications

Do you offer a loyalty programme for your customers? Have this built into your app so your customers no longer have to carry a card in their wallet, making the process easier for them and for you.

Contact Forms & Analytics

Small Business Apps Contact Forms and Analytics - VOiD Applications

Are you looking to capture your customer’s data to use in marketing activities? With a Mobile App you can easily do this. For businesses, the ability to track metrics and engagement means you will be able to alter your marketing campaigns to get the best ROI.


For £79 a month* you will get a mobile application on both Android and iOS devices. This will be maintained every month to ensure it meets the rigorous standards from both operating systems. Features can be added and removed quickly and will not affect the price. The team will work with you to manage your Push Notification plan and ensure you get a good ROI.

You will be able to access a complete back end system which you can use to check user analytics, push notifications and any information filled out in a contact form. Full training will be provided by us to get the best out of this.

*£399 start up fee

Small Business Apps - VOiD Applications
£79 Per Month!
Including a £399 Setup Fee.
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£79! Surely that’s a typo?

No, that’s the price. We like to be transparent here. there are no hidden costs, just make the payments every month and we will make sure you get a good ROI.

What's the £399 set-up fee for?

That takes care of everything on the developer’s side, such as Apple’s App Store and the Android’s Google Play store. This also covers all of the design and setups of the app to get it branded to your business.

What if I miss a payment?

We use a service called GoCardless to take away any hassle. Automatic payments are made each month.

Is there a minimum amount of time I have to have the app?

Yes, for 12 months. After that, your payment will roll over to a month by month basis.

Can I add features not listed under a specific app?

Absolutely. From the features listed you can combine them in any way, we just listed them like that because they are the best fit for that industry sector.

Can you add features not listed?

No, unfortunately, features listed are specific to this offering, deviating from this you are heading towards a more bespoke offering.

When I get the app how do I send push notifications?

When your app is complete a member of the team will send over documentation covering all aspects of the client panel, this includes analytics & push notifications. If you ever get stuck we are always here to help you out.

Do you offer a referral scheme?

Absolutely. Just get in touch if you have a referral and we’ll discuss it on a case by case basis.