VOiD Applications Offering: Apps for Small Businesses

Here at VOiD, we are always looking to offer our customers something new. If you are looking to invest in an app it might be worth checking our post regarding app pricing. If the price has put a spanner in the works, then we have come up with a solution for you. With our new offering, we are offering any company the chance to get a custom mobile app made.

Small Business Apps - VOiD ApplicationsObviously, this offering will differ from project briefs that require a more bespoke approach. Due to the cost, this offering is more streamlined as we supply the choices to what you can utilise for your potential application, although this is the case, there’s still a variety of methods to deliver information or collect data. Some of the features we are offering are as follows;

  • Booking forms,
  • Push Notifications,
  • News and an RSS Feed,
  • Your existing websites,
  • Contact forms,
  • Client panel and Analytics.

Golf Course Application - Small Business Apps - VOiD ApplicationsThis new offering will appeal to developing businesses who are looking to get their foot on the app ladder. One of the key features of these apps is the ability to interact with your customers using Push Notifications. We’ve spoken about this before. With an inbuilt Client Panel, we will give you the training on how to send these out, and how best to implement them. In this client panel, you will be able to see exactly how your customers are using the app, how many times they visited certain sections and how long they spent in the app. Analytics can be viewed at any time and this can help you focus your marketing. VOiD will help you every step of the way to ensure you are getting the best from your app. All marketing materials will be provided such as QR codes will be supplied for you to put on your social accounts, allowing customers to easily download the app

“VOiD will help you every step of the way to ensure you are getting the best from your app.”

The app will be made to encompass your branding and will act as your forward facing tool to communicate with your customers. The app can be built upon so you are not restricted in what you can have on there, and we can change the app at appropriate times to ensure it remains up to date with your current offers and promotion. Apps built this way are a vital aspect of building a strong brand awareness. Used in conjunction with your current marketing strategy it will ensure you are always in the mind of your customers. The benefits an app can bring for your business are discussed here.


For £79 a month* you will get a mobile application on both Android and iOS devices. This will be maintained every month to ensure it meets the rigorous standards from both operating systems. Features can be added and removed quickly and will not affect the price. The team will work with you to manage your Push Notification plan and ensure you get a good ROI.

You will be able to access a complete back end system which you can use to check user analytics, push notifications and any information filled out in a contact form. Full training will be provided by us to get the best out of this.

*£399 start up fee

Small Business Apps - VOiD Applications
£79 Per Month!
Including a £399 Setup Fee.
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This offering can be built for both Android and iOS phones, which means you will not have to pick which platform you want to target.

If you think your business could benefit from a Mobile App for marketing or just want to have a chat about the wealth of possibilities they offer, please get in touch we’re happy to help.